Cats demanding food in the most hilarious ways… Watch the most amazing photos below…

Cats, as you probably know, are intelligent creatures that learn quickly. If you feed them at the same time every day, they’ll know when it’s dinner time.

They will whine and complain, meow, and stare at you until you put food in their plates. When cats are hungry, though, they may be rather demanding about being fed every now and again.

Cats who are always hungry may not be hungry at all, since their constant curiosity about what will be served for supper might indicate that they have nothing better to do. It is important to keep your cat busy on both an intellectual and physical level, particularly if they spend the bulk of their time inside.

“What I adore about cats is the fact they, as a species, in general, have never ever been fed,” one person commented on social media. Cats are notorious for being tiny liars that would do anything to get food in their bowls. Unfortunately, their conflicts are not always tolerated.

The following are 15 photos of cats that may testify in court against their owners, claiming that they have never been fed. Surprisingly, though, you must feed them in order for them to be able to appear in court.

As a result, there are a variety of looks, meows, and screams. Enjoy the ride by scrolling down!

“Wait a minute. I’m warming up”

Dying slowly from 13 years of hunger.

Oh, hunger has left me powerless as I have never been fed before. Nonetheless, I am strangely large ”

“My cat gazes at an empty plate while aching for food that he’s never been given. He sits and ponders when an end will be put to his sufferings. ”

All eyes on me… As I walk into the kitchen, all eyes are stuck on me. But allegedly, there’s a rumor that there’s food in there.

“My cat’s not furious. He’s just baffled with regards to my not feeding him. ”

Take a look at my bowl, it’s empty. I need food right away.

“This dude is continually hungry. Obviously, I have not fed him for as long as he can remember”

“I wonder if other cats get fed or is it just me?”

“Do you know the meaning of love? Make that four plates, please.”

“I want food in my dish, please. Check out my eager belly

“After all, we are skin and bone. Mother, feed us”

” You slept for half an hour and I’m seconds away from dying.”

“Before I give food to my cat in the morning, this is the way he sees himself.”

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Cats demanding food in the most hilarious ways… Watch the most amazing photos below…
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