A dog lover who never imagined himself adopting a cat is suddenly… Read the rest of the story here…

A man says that he was always a dog lover and that all he wants is to adopt pets from shelters. As a result, he went to his local animal shelter and adopted a puppy to bring home. All of the dogs in the shelter, on the other hand, had already been adopted and had gone into their new homes. Despite the fact that he was unable to adopt any of the dogs, he was overjoyed that they had finally found a loving home.

“I was in Virginia for a training session.” A significant amount of snow is blowing across the area at this moment. The radio station broadcast informed me that a shelter known as Richmond Animal League was searching for temporary or permanent homes for all of its animals since the staff anticipated being snowed in.”

To assist him find a companion, a lady at the shelter escorted him to a little cat room. He was, however, unmoved by any of the cats. So she led him back to the lobby, where they had segregated some younger animals into cages. He was about to return home when he saw a little kitten cat called Marbles in a cage in the corner of the room. Because he appeared to like this cat, the lady informed him he may hold her if he wished.

“I unlocked the cage, took her in my arms, and that was the end of it.” She began chirping pitiful tiny chirps as she pressed her face on the brim of my hat (this is when they noticed me and took a photo), only to be interrupted by a rumbling of purring. He confessed, “I turned into a gigantic sap.”

“Before this, I had never liked or wanted cats.” Simply stated, I accepted with a nod of my head, returned her to her cage for a little while as I completed the paperwork, and prepared to take her home. They didn’t have any puppies, but they did have one of my closest friends. I was never a cat person, but I suppose you could say I am now.”

Instead of a puppy, he was selected by a loving cat that really wanted to be his closest buddy. Then he changed her name to Barb. Barb is now a gorgeous, lovely, and feisty feline thanks to the man’s help and affection.

He got a dog called Rupert around six months after he got Barb. They became fast friends and spent most of their time chasing and playing with each other.

Barb and Rupert have been adopted for two years, and their relationship is stronger than ever. We are delighted to learn that they are now living a happy and fulfilling life.

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A dog lover who never imagined himself adopting a cat is suddenly… Read the rest of the story here…
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