A near-death cat was… Read the full story below…

A near-death cat was given another chance at life… Scroll down to know what happened…

Samuel, a lovely black-and-white feline, was saved from a tiny container where he had spent most of his existence. Samuel was taken to Houston’s BARC Animal Shelter, where he was very underweight.

His eyelids were swollen shut due to mange, and he had a lengthy list of costly medical difficulties. He had pressure sores from being confined up, and his skin was peeling. A coworker who didn’t want Samuel’s life to end this way put a picture of him on the internet.

Leslie Raines, a vet tech in the Houston region, was home ill that day and came upon Samuel’s photo. Samuel was soon placed in a foster home with Leslie Raines, and the long road to rehabilitation started.

Samuel’s thick black and white fur came in months later, but he still had concerns to face. Samuel grew into the lovely, fluffy cat he was supposed to be in only a year.

Raines began seeking a new home for Samuel a few months later.  After then, there will be some time to search. Raines was introduced to Bryan Smith. Bryan’s skill to calm Samuel thrilled Leslie, but she wasn’t persuaded he was the perfect owner until the kitten gave her a clue.

The cat was adopted by a guy who had just lost his 13-year-old cat to cancer.

Samuel began to be a friend of Bryan’s. He’s been living with Bryan for almost a year and things are going swimmingly. He is ecstatic with his new existence.

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A near-death cat was… Read the full story below…
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