Photos of pets saying their final goodbyes to their owners… Watch the most heartbreaking photos below…

Ross Taylor, a highly accomplished photographer and videographer, captured the dying moments of several pets with their parents in the photos you will be seeing. He is located in Denver and works as a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he received his Ph.D. Furthermore, he has worked as a fellow at the Center for Western Civilization, Thought, and Policy, which is situated at the University of Colorado Boulder.

These shots are part of a new series of photographs by the artist titled “Last Moments.” Taylor’s emphasis in this series has been on a specific kind of trauma that might occur in the life of someone who has a pet. Every pet owner will have to go through this traumatic experience at some time in his or her life. The death of a pet that has become a beloved member of the family is a traumatic event in and of itself. It’s precisely the same as losing any other cherished member of the family, but this time it’s personal.

When it came to this specific collection of photos, Taylor enlisted the assistance of professional veterinarians, who allowed him to capture the last, poignant moments of dogs and their owners with the use of his camera.

It’s almost impossible not to cry when you see these photos. As a result, proceed with caution.

“The purpose of Last Moments, in essence, is to enable individuals going through this process to realize they’re not alone, and that their pain should not be neglected, nor should it be reduced by others,” Taylor said in his explanation of the idea behind these photographs.


1. Preserving footprint of their beloved dog


2. The last hug


3. Resting in her lap


4. The final goodbye


5. RIP kitty


6. Passing on



7. Not ready to say goodbye


8. One last pat on the head


9. Still holding on

10. Not ready to part


11. One last hug


12. Till we meet again


13. RIP little one


14. Too Hard to say goodbye

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Photos of pets saying their final goodbyes to their owners… Watch the most heartbreaking photos below…
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