A couple purchased an old farmhouse, and discovered that it comes with 15 cats… Read the full story below…

When Emily Bott and Dylan Loewke went to look at an ancient farmhouse that they were interested in purchasing, they were instantly struck by the fact that there seemed to be a large number of cats on the property. Actually, there are fifteen cats in the front yard, all of them are simply relaxing and enjoying themselves.

The animals immediately grabbed the attention of the newlywed pair. According to Emily, “we inquired with our realtor about whether or not the cats would be left behind, and we were informed that they would all be gone by the time we moved in.”

The cats were allowed to remain on the property after our bid for the home was approved, Emily stated. For the first time in my life, I was nervous about owning a cat since I had never done it before.

Emily had a backup plan in case things didn’t go as planned. But she had a plan. “At the time, I worked at the local humane society and knew I could at the very least have them all spayed/neutered and even rehome them if absolutely necessary (spoiler alert: that was never the case),” she said.

Despite the fact that the previous farmhouse owners placed some food out for the cats, it was the extent of their attention. As a consequence, some of them were suffering from health issues as a result.

The only cat that Emily was able to approach at first was Valencia, who she described as “pleasant but not too friendly.” “She’s the queen bee in our hive!”

According to Emily, “I could tell there were a few others who were inquisitive and interested in us, but it took months (and in some cases years) before the others felt safe approaching us and even petting our dog.” Many evenings were spent sitting in my driveway, hurling sweets at them, giving them catnip, and interacting with them via toys.

Emily and Dylan had become used to being followed about the farmhouse by at least a few cats. “There’s a few that will follow me nearly everywhere on the property, and if I shake the treat bag, they all swarm to me,” Emily said.

“To receive my mail, I have a complete staff that walks me down the driveway. When Valencia sees my automobile on our street, she will sprint down the driveway.” Since buying the home, the couple has added another cat called Tofey to their family. Emily and Dylan think he’s a natural fit in the pack.

The pair want to establish an animal refuge so that they may continue to assist stray cats. Their wonderful family of 16 barn cats serves as an inspiration. On TikTok. We’re excited to see where they’ll go in the future!

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A couple purchased an old farmhouse, and discovered that it comes with 15 cats… Read the full story below…
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