17-year-old cat is poisoned… But who could have done it? Read the full story below to find out…

A lady noticed an old cat on a restaurant terrace in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas, on a spring day. Something wasn’t quite right, as the lady quickly realized. The poor cat struggled to walk and seemed to be in discomfort. He was in terrible shape and in dire need of assistance. In the hopes of finding him, she put his photo on the internet to see if anybody was searching for him. What followed astounded everyone…

Continue reading to find out how this beautiful cat was rescued from a horrific end.

The lady who discovered the cat realized she needed to act quickly. She took him to Sarah Richardson of Community Cats of Central Arkansas after no one claimed him online.
Sarah was approached by the lady who had found him and handed the cat, whom she had named Oscar, to her care.

“When he arrived, he was in pretty bad shape,” Sarah said. “I stayed up all night giving him IV fluids and other things before bringing him to the vet the following day.”
Sarah was able to keep his condition constant until they arrived at the veterinarian’s office. She was heartbroken when she found out what had happened to him…

Oscar’s problem was quickly identified by the veterinarian. “The vet said he was poisoned,” Sarah said. “His kidneys were failing, and the toxin was preventing him from filtering any fluids.” Sarah was taken aback. Who could have poisoned Oscar so cruelly?

He may not have made it if he had been discovered a few hours later. “We weren’t sure he’d make it through the weekend,” Sarah said. “However, we gave him antibiotics and IV fluids on a regular basis.” Sarah was adamant about not giving up. Oscar’s life was in danger, and she was determined to do all she could to rescue him.

In addition to treating Oscar’s failing kidneys, the veterinarian started treating certain infections in his mouth. It was evident early on that these difficulties would need surgery. However, deciding whether or not to operate was a difficult task. Sarah said, “They weren’t sure whether he’d survive [the operation] since he’s an estimated 17 years old.” “He weighed less than 7 pounds and was terribly anemic.”

Oscar need the operation in order to live, therefore they carried it out. Thankfully, he came out on top! Oscar’s body slowly healed following surgery, so Sarah kept him on a heating pad and IV fluids. Oscar has recovered from his operation and is no longer poisoned or infected in his mouth!

The toxin has permanently damaged his kidneys, yet they are still functioning for the time being. Sarah added, “He’s about 8 pounds already, so he’s gaining weight.” Oscar will never be able to recover entirely from his poisoning. Sarah is well aware that his life has been cut short, but she will ensure that he is secure and comfortable for the rest of his golden years. Oscar is now living with Sarah and her family and is having a great time. He seems to be the lone one who is unaware that he is a senior!

Sarah said, “He’s climbing up on everything and eating wonderfully.” “He is a “people” cat. He loves being the center of attention.” Sarah continues to keep a close eye on him and handle his particular requirements. Oscar is in love with his new home and is grateful to have been rescued.

And they lived happily ever after. Oscar will live with Sarah for the remainder of his days, unlike Sarah’s other healthy foster cats. Oscar gets along swimmingly with the rest of Sarah’s foster kitties. They’re all overjoyed that he made it.

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17-year-old cat is poisoned… But who could have done it? Read the full story below to find out…
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