A woman discovered an adorable pregnant stray cat as the sweetest pregnancy buddy… Watch the photos below…

One of Lauren Maners’ biggest delights has been the opportunity to foster various animals throughout the years. Although Lauren was ready to give birth to her baby at the time, she thought it was time to take a little vacation from fostering.

‘I had a long history of fostering and rehabilitating animals, but as I got closer to the end of my pregnancy, I realized it was time to take a break from it all because the animals I usually fostered/rehabilitated were sickly and required a lot of attention, which I would not have time for once the baby arrived,’ Lauren explained. ” Then she met Dove, who changed her mind about what she wanted in life.

Lauren and her husband were driving down the road when they came across an injured cat on the side of the road. They decided to help the cat and took it in. To be sure, the couple pulled over to check on the cat, and it was then that Lauren discovered that the animal was not only ill, but also heavily pregnant!

Lauren couldn't help herself - she had to break her own rule and take Dove in.

After bringing the cat, whom they eventually called Dove, to the veterinarian for treatment, the couple brought her home to get some much-needed rest for themselves. However, after asking around in the town to see if anybody had seen the cat, it was revealed that she had lived as an outcast for the bulk of her existence.

The two pregnant mama's bonded and spent most of the final weeks of their pregnancies hanging out together.

‘She would follow me around wherever I went, and she really enjoyed spending time outdoors with me in our fenced-in area in the mornings, when she would let me stroke her belly while we ate breakfast together,’ Lauren said. Lauren’s baby, Kylie, was due to be born in the not too distant future.

Dove was giving birth to her own children when Lauren was in the hospital giving birth to Kylie, which was incredible to see. “It’s possible that they were born at the same moment,” Lauren speculated.

Dove gave birth to six beautiful kittens!

‘When my daughter was about 5 weeks old, she started to notice the kittens when I would take her into the kitten room to help me feed and care for them,’ Lauren said. “The kittens were also really interested in my daughter,” says the author.

Dove and her kittens lived with Lauren and her family for many months until Lauren was able to place them in the finest possible permanent homes. They are all rather close to Lauren, so she and Kylie are able to communicate with all seven of them easily.

And, as the kitten's grew and thrived, so did Lauren's daughter, Kylie.

“Fortunately, the mother cat has been adopted by a friend of mine, and I am still able to get information on her whereabouts. And some of the infants were adopted by individuals I knew, so I was able to pay them visits while they were in foster care “Lauren shared her thoughts.

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Lauren says she wouldn't change sharing the final weeks of her pregnancy with Dove for the world!

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A woman discovered an adorable pregnant stray cat as the sweetest pregnancy buddy… Watch the photos below…
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