Turbo Joe, a cat, starts adapting to his new home and wheelchair… Watch the video below…

Joe was a semi-paralyzed stray cat when he was rescued in the autumn of 2018 by a group of volunteers. Following the observation that the young cat could not use his rear legs, it was decided to remove him from the streets and take him to a veterinary facility for treatment.

Meow Village is a shelter that rehomes stray cats, including the handicapped kitten. Because of this, rescuers believed that Joe had gotten paralyzed in some manner, resulting in the paralysis of his rear legs and the consequent inability to walk. Sheila Burdick, who had previously taken in two one-eyed cats and was familiar with the challenges of caring for special needs pets, assisted Joe in finding a wonderful foster home.

Joe was provided with a wheelchair by the Back On Track Veterinary Rehabilitation Center in Portland, Oregon, while he was receiving much-needed TLC from his new foster home. During a recent interview with local media, Burdick said that Joe would most likely not be able to play and run as much as other cats until he began to train and acquire some core strength.

Take a look at how happy the small kitty is in his new mobile home. He was fortunate in that he was discovered by a determined recruitment team. When he was discovered, he was dragging his body behind him with his front legs.

“Aw dude,” Burdick said last year. ‘How dare you,’ I say. At the very least, they won’t have to assist him up the stairwell.

His new moniker, Turbo Joe, is a reflection of the renewed energy he has experienced after being fitted with his wheelchair.

A large number of people gathered behind Joe in the hopes that restoring his mobility would make it simpler for the cat to find a permanent home. And it was a successful endeavor. Within a short period of time after being placed for adoption, Turbo Joe was taken in by a family that could care for him. As soon as Turbo Joe is able to move about, his new family will publish frequent updates on an adorable Instagram account devoted to his new feline sister, Sidekick Slick.

Watch the video below:

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Turbo Joe, a cat, starts adapting to his new home and wheelchair… Watch the video below…
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