After being rescued from a busy road, a little kitten curls up on the rescuer’s shoulder…

Because black cats are associated with superstition, they have a tough time obtaining permanent homes. Many people think they bring ill luck and unhappiness. These unfortunate creatures already have a difficult time finding suitable homes, but life does not let them to live in peace and continues to present them with new obstacles.

When a guy was driving, he saw a little cat attempting to cross a busy road. He pulled over to the side of the road, seized her, and drove her back to her house. “She dashed under his vehicle, so he came to a halt, grabbed her, and hurried home.”

He posted a picture of the cat on social media in the hopes of finding her a new home. Thankfully, Holly Brookhouser, an Arkansas-based animal rescuer and foster mother, stumbled across the ad on a local Facebook page. She jumped in right away and decided to take the cat in as her foster child.

Marcelo, Holly’s adoptive cat, was celebrating his second year at home on that day, which made it much more memorable. “I assumed we’d save this baby to honor this day!”

“I was reading the story about the cat and thought that it may end up in the wrong hands,” Brookhouser said to the interviewer. “So, on the day that we were commemorating Marcelo’s second year at home with us, I thought, what better way to commemorate the occasion than to save the life of this kitty?” she says.

They rushed the kitten to the veterinarian and found her a new home. The tiny fluffball slept the whole way home, cuddled up on her shoulder. Marcelo was overjoyed and gave her the sweetest name he could think of: Appleseed.

“Marcelo was overjoyed to be able to name the baby and worked very hard to come up with a fantastic name, which he enthusiastically announced as Appleseed! He understands that Appleseed is just a foster cat and that she would ultimately need a permanent home. Consequently, he’s assisting me to adjust her to home life, which is full with wonderful food and loads of affection,” says the author.

After all that has transpired in the past, she now has a bright future ahead of her when she is finally placed in a permanent home with lovely owners who will love and care for her as much as she does for them.

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After being rescued from a busy road, a little kitten curls up on the rescuer’s shoulder…
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