A stray cat was always coming back to a new woman in the neighborhood… The full story below will tell you why…

The first thing Stephanie Perfect saw when she came into her neighborhood was a timid cat peering out from behind some trees across the street. The cat came back again and over again.

When Stephanie moved into her new home six years ago, she had no idea how much her life would alter in the following months. A stray from the neighborhood came up to her door, hoping for something to eat. ‘When I questioned the neighbors about him, I was informed that he had been abandoned by his former owners around four years before I came into the house,’ Stephanie said in an interview.

Some of his neighbors used to leave food out for him on a regular basis. Once Stephanie started feeding him, he began to come to her home on a daily basis.

At first, he refused to eat anything until Stephanie returned to the house. Then he snuck up to her porch, scarfed down the food, and dashed out the door the moment he was done. This pattern continued for almost a year.

“As long as I didn’t go outdoors, he gradually remained longer. A Rubbermaid container and some warm blankets were used to construct a home for him. On chilly and rainy evenings, he ultimately discovered that it was a safe haven for him.”

“As he gained confidence in me, he began to sleep on top of it throughout the day and just relax and enjoy his new ‘home.'”

When it came time to be fed, the kitten would approach closer and closer to the porch as the year progressed. “I’d speak to him and he’d recognize my voice.”

Stephanie awoke one morning to discover her Buddy standing on her doorstep, staring directly at her. She attempted to contain her enthusiasm since she needed to be extremely quiet and move carefully to avoid startling him.

“I knelt down and began softly petting his head, then his ears. He lay over onto his back and let me massage his stomach ” Stephanie added. “He was my Buddy from that day forward.”

“Eventually, during cold or stormy nights, he began to come inside and sleep in the home.” He gradually became used to being inside.  “I introduced him to his first feather toy when he learned to trust me and let me touch him, and he went wild, leaping and flipping all over to get it.”

Buddy used to like sitting on his window perch and watching the birds and squirrels in the backyard while doing nothing. Stephanie recalls the first time her cat let her carry him in her arms: “He just melted into my arms and began purring.”

“Buddy is friendly and kind, and he purrs really loudly with a “sigh” sound. After no longer having to hunt for food, he has become the pickiest eater in the family. He will only eat canned food that has been smothered in gravy, and he generally simply licks the gravy off the portions of food.

We had so much joy seeing him grow from a frightened and afraid little cat into such a delightful and lively, loving young cat!” “It goes without saying that he is well nourished.”

Buddy had made the decision the previous year that he no longer wanted to be an outside cat. “He has completely adapted to being an inside cat,” Stephanie said of the kitten.  “He is now living the life of a King.”

“Since then, I’ve kept him for six years, and I can honestly say that I’m not sure which of us was the rescuer. He brings so much happiness into my life. So grateful that he selected me as the one in whom he could put his faith.”

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A stray cat was always coming back to a new woman in the neighborhood… The full story below will tell you why…
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