A young man rescues a cat who’ll have a profound impact on his life… Read to know how…

Little Ash the cat was discovered behind the trash when he was just a little kitten and was taken in. He was filthy and in need of food. “I happened to run into him as I was exiting a nearby bar,” a Reddit user reported. He couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him there, so he brought the kitten home with him, and the rest is history.

It was his first night in his forever home. He was provided with food and drink. “It was an old towel I had lying around that I utilized as a makeshift bed.”

The human dad provided him with a much-needed bath. After a bath, Ash is looking fresh and clean.

He gave Ash a plush bunny to cuddle with and keep him company in order to make him more comfortable. The bunny was his favorite one.

Ash’s human washed away all of the goop that had accumulated in his eyes and on his face.

Ash received a large number of toys to play with. His favorite part of the yard was the scratching post.

In addition, he enjoyed Kung Fu movies. “In the meantime, I brought him to my place, where we would sit and watch movies together.”

In time, the kitten grew increasingly attached to his human daddy. When he was climbing up my stomach, he fell asleep.

“He would constantly fall asleep cuddled up against my arm. When he became bigger, he would still fall asleep on my lap and I would wake up.”

Ash as a kitten, playing with his favorite toy, a bunny, is shown here.

He’s all grown up now, but he still has a soft spot for his bunny.

Ash was spared, but in the process, he altered the course of his human’s life. “He’s a fantastic cat, and I adore him.”

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A young man rescues a cat who’ll have a profound impact on his life… Read to know how…
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