This mama cat was brutally attacked by a dog and separated from her kittens… Watch the video to see how she…

Upon seeing a stray cat called Toodles being beaten by a dog, Mindy Brocato, an employee at the Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control, hurried her to the shelter, where she was given a second shot at life.

The personnel at the shelter immediately recognized Toodles as a new mother when she arrived at the facility in early April. Her offspring were nowhere to be seen, according to Chris Weinstein, a volunteer at the animal shelter, who were kind enough to share this story in an interview.  “She had all the symptoms of being a nursing mother, but her kittens were not discovered,” Weinstein said.

The shelter’s employees swiftly warned locals in the surrounding region to be on the watch for kittens, since they would not survive if they were not protected by their mother.

Fortunately, later that week, neighbors spotted five kittens behind a mobile home and phoned the shelter to request assistance for the animals. The shelter officials raced to reunite the five kittens with their mother cat as soon as they were separated.

When the kittens arrived at the shelter, they were taken to see their mother, who was waiting for them. Toodles perked up as soon as she heard the small meows and immediately began to search them. When the first kitten was gently put in her cage by a shelter staffer, Toodles squealed with delight and immediately began stroking, consoling, and licking the little kitten.

The lovely family reunion, on the other hand, was still missing a few pieces. The sixth kitten, who were waiting for her mother, was located beneath the same mobile home as the other five kittens were discovered a few days later.

A member of the staff was on hand immediately to reunite the final infant with his or her family. To be reunited with her babies in such a nice environment makes Toodles very pleased.

“Toodles seemed to be a lot more at ease after the arrival of the new baby. According to the shelter, “She and her babies are prospering, owing in no little part to her caring and experienced foster (family).”

Soon, the kittens will be reunited with their new families. Once Toodles has been rescued, she will begin searching for her permanent home.

To Toodles’ surprise, she was the one who found herself a home in the very first place. For once, they wrote, “How wonderful it is to have the mother chosen first.” “Toodles and Percy were the first to discover a place to call their own. That brings a smile to everyone’s face since mothers are often the last to be adopted.”

Watch the video below:

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This mama cat was brutally attacked by a dog and separated from her kittens… Watch the video to see how she…
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