The world’s oldest cat died at 31 (photos)… Rest in peace…

The world’s oldest cat, who lived to be 31 years old, has passed away. Rubble, the gorgeous Maine Coon, was presented to his owner, Michele Heritage, as a 20th birthday gift and has been with her ever since. Rubble is a member of the Maine Coon breed.

Michele, 52, has paid homage to her cherished fur-baby, who, after completing his 31st birthday, became the world’s oldest known cat, becoming the oldest known cat in the world. According to cat years, that’s about 150 years old!

Rubble managed to beat the oldest living cat record, previously held by a Siamese Texas named Scooter, who was 30-years-old before he passed away in 2016.

The senior cat seemed to be in good condition, with no known medical issues. On the 3rd of July, 2020, the sweet cat went away due to old age and frailty after having become exceedingly fragile.

Michele, from Exeter, said that the moggy passed away tragically before reaching the age of 32. The woman said that her cherished cat “went over the road” and “never returned.”

“He would have been 32 in May, so this was a tremendous accomplishment. He was an incredible partner with whom I had the pleasure of sharing my life for a long period of time “Michele shared her thoughts.

“I acquired him when he was a kitten, just before my 20th birthday,” I recall.

It is believed that Creme Puff, who survived until the age of 38 years and 3 days, is the world’s oldest known cat. “We never proceeded down the path of being inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. I didn’t want to put him through it because of his age.

“At the end, he became old extremely rapidly, and I told my husband at Christmas that I believed it would be the last Christmas we would spend with Rubble. He had begun to restrict his food intake and was simply drinking water.”

Michele remembers the moment she first met Rubble on her 20th birthday, saying,

“He had lost a lot of weight. It was business as usual for me at work, and when I returned home, my husband informed me that Rubble had crossed the street as he did every day and never returned, leading us to think that he had gone off to die as cats do.”

“He was a creature of habit; he had his favorite spots to sleep and favorite foods, and when those things stopped occurring, we knew something was wrong.”

The first time Michele saw Rubble was on her 20th birthday when she was part of a litter kitten that my sister’s friend owned. “I had just left home at the time,” she recalls.

“I was feeling lonely while living alone, so I took him in as a kitten. It happened in May of 1988. I’ve always treated him as if he were a kid – I don’t have any children and previously had a cat named Meg, who died away when she was 25 years old. If you are passionate about anything, no matter how little, it will endure.”

Rest in peace, Rubble!

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The world’s oldest cat died at 31 (photos)… Rest in peace…
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