The cat began visiting the aged dog who had always chased him… Read to know why…

I am forced to split my time between two residences: one in the city and another in the countryside. The village is where my mother resides, and it is where I spend all of my weekends. Aside from that, there must be a dog in the village home. As a result, we had a German Shepherd that was half-breed.

Most of all, it enjoyed chasing after cats, catching them, pressing them to the ground with its front paws, and lightly biting them along their back withers. It wasn’t until I saw it for the first time that I felt compelled to rush to the cat’s aid. My mother, however, dissuaded me, explaining that it was just a game and that our dog’s behavior in no way endangered the cat’s health or life. The cat, on the other hand, continued to express its dissatisfaction throughout its entire appearance.

They ran in this manner for a total of ten years. And the cat was always on the losing end: the dog always caught it, and the cat never climbed trees to avoid being apprehended. However, ten years have passed, and while the cat is still in excellent condition, our German Shepherd has begun to experience hind-leg problems, which is common in dogs of this breed.

I noticed that the dog, after a few hundred meters of running, would stop and walk back to the house with a lot of effort. When it eventually stopped running completely, it became clear that its story was coming to an end. And then I noticed something that I had not anticipated seeing at all.

The cat began to pay visits to our dog, laying down in front of it and allowing itself to be bitten by the withers on several occasions. As a result, it has come to realize who its true friend is, and to whom it owes its excellent physical condition, after ten years of being completely dissatisfied. As a result, it paid frequent visits to its friend during his final days.

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The cat began visiting the aged dog who had always chased him… Read to know why…
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