A poor cat was caught in a trap, but something miraculous happened… Read the full story to know what…

It is extremely difficult for stray cats to survive; the lack of shelter and food, as well as the cruelty with which they are treated, makes a lasting impression on their fragile little spirits.

All of them, as well as the cat from Massachusetts, are in a terrible condition of health. Despite the fact that he was quite fortunate in that he was caught in order to be saved.

Frisbee (the cat’s given name) was discovered and captured by members of the Lowell Trap Neuter Return Coalition, and he was taken to the Animal Rescue Society in Salisbury for care.

Their founders were among the first in the country to use the “catch, litter, and restore normal life” method to improve the lives of stray cats, as stated on the Animal Rescue Society’s website.

Then a large-scale raid was conducted in order to capture abandoned cats. When the majority of the animals were captured, they were given special identification tags and were fed twice a day. They were also under the supervision of veterinarians. Feline foster homes were established for those cats who demonstrated an ability to return to their previous human companions.

The peach Frisbee cat was in terrible condition. His fur was filthy and piled up, and he also had rotten teeth that were falling out.

“He was found with horribly rolled-up hair (which had never been seen before), was extremely thin, and was starving,” the rescuers wrote in their report. The cat was captured as part of the “catch, litter, and return to normal life” program, and it was quickly discovered that he was extremely friendly and in desperate need of serious dental work.

To prepare for the cat’s bath, his teeth were brushed, the pellets were cut, and he was brushed again. In a single day, the Frisbee was transformed into something completely different.

The photo of the cat was uploaded to the official page of this organization on social media networks, with the caption: “We hope that Frisbee will find a new home soon! Come meet him and the rest of our cats this coming week!”

Fortunately, our story’s hero was removed from the scene within a week, and he now has a favorite chair in his current home. Despite the fact that the rescuers had shaved the animal’s fur, it had already grown back.

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A poor cat was caught in a trap, but something miraculous happened… Read the full story to know what…
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