A cat scares a and chases a coyote, and… Watch the full video to see how…

Kevin the cat was able to outwit this coyote because he was too clever.

According to KOIN, a Portland, Oregon homeowner recently found some stunning video on the Ring doorbell camera that they had installed at the front entrance of their house, according to the station.

Kevin, the resident’s cat, is seen in the video confronting a wild coyote, which is rather shocking.

When Kevin, a dark grey cat with white paws, looks out his window, he notices a coyote on the road outside the house. Kevin jumps up on the railing and runs after him.

A brief time of eye contact is maintained between the two animals prior to the coyote fleeing. Kevin, on the other hand, seems to realize that his encounter with the coyote is not yet done and leaps over the railing into the front yard of his house.

Following just a few seconds after the feline has arrived on the lawn, a coyote appears and attempts to paw closer to the house, creeping into the grass near Kevin.

Once the coyote gets a better look at Kevin, it looks to have changed its mind about approaching the home and has turned away. Kevin makes it easier for the wild animal to make a rapid choice by going after the coyote and driving the bigger animal off the property and down the street.

Kevin is living evidence that cats can be terrific watchdogs as well. In joining the ranks of other surprisingly heroic creatures, such as Bella the Yorkie, who pursued a bear up an oak tree, and Winston the dachshund, who rescued his senior dog pal Mijo from a mountain lion assault, the California kitten is a welcome addition.

Watch the video below, and don’t forget to share this brave cat’s story with your beloved ones.

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A cat scares a and chases a coyote, and… Watch the full video to see how…
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