A kitten loses her ears because someone thought that it’s normal to… Scroll down and read the full story…

In 2018, a little black-and-white kitten with a sweet disposition was surrendered to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Surprisingly, the poor creature had her ears and a portion of her tail amputated. It’s very incredible that the kitten survived such a terrifying ordeal, which will undoubtedly leave lasting emotional scars.

Fortunately, the veterinarians were able to heal the wounds, and they soon recovered. The young kitten was naturally terrified of everything and everyone at first, and this was understandable. It wouldn’t allow anybody go close to it. The kitten was given the name Karma by the Humane Society personnel, who were determined not to give up on her.

The first thing they did was an attempt to reestablish Karma’s faith in human beings. Karma needed a foster family that provided her with a lot of love and support so that she could resume her usual life. Fortunately, her new foster mother was able to supply all of this and more.

Karma’s mother immediately noted that the cat enjoys playing with toys as soon as she brought her home. As a result, she utilized them to form a relationship with the unfortunate feline. It took some time, but Karma and her new foster mother were able to form a strong friendship. When the cat was entirely at ease, her foster mother decided to create her a new set of ears for her comfort and enjoyment. She made Karma a charming pink-and-white headgear with ears, which she was surprised to find that she liked!

Despite the fact that the kitten had a difficult start in life, she is optimistic about the future now that she has a new set of ears. Karma was recently placed for adoption, and it only took a few days for her to find a new and forever home of her own. Of course, her new mother provided her with a fresh pair of ears that could be exchanged.

Even though Karma’s tragic story has a happy ending, some cats aren’t that fortunate. We can only hope that the authorities will be able to track down the person who believed it was okay to chop off a kitten’s tail and ears. Disgusting!

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A kitten loses her ears because someone thought that it’s normal to… Scroll down and read the full story…
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