After swallowing a needle that pierces her skull, a kitten is on the…

After swallowing a needle that pierces her skull, a kitten is on the verge of death…? Read on to find the answer to this question…

Cats are very inquisitive animals. We’ve all heard the expression “curiosity killed the cat.” It didn’t kill Nala, a 14-week-old baby, but it came dangerously close.

The cat was almost blinded after ingesting a metal needle that had punctured her head, which was a surprise to her owner. When her owners saw the frightening event that almost resulted in Nala’s blindness and might have resulted in her death if not for prompt medical attention, they hurried her to the veterinarian.

The terrible event happened at Nala’s home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The kitty came upon a two-inch needle on the ground and took it in her mouth for safekeeping.

The pill she consumed became lodged in her throat and punctured her skull through the palate, causing her to lose consciousness. Her owners were aware that the cat was in excruciating agony and rushed her to the veterinarian.

After x-ray scans revealed that the needle was just a few inches away from Nala’s eye socket, she had immediate surgery. The four-hour treatment ended up being a complete success. Vets were able to extract the needle from Nala’s neck, and they believe that if it hadn’t been for the prompt response, she would have died.

It was a very uncommon accident that necessitated the use of a senior team of vets with a great deal of experience. Due to the fact that the needle was not visible from the mouth, they had to utilize a camera to locate its placement. Fortunately, everything went well, and Nala is currently healing beautifully at home.

Cat owners should take note that they should not leave anything about the house. Cats are naturally inquisitive, and this inquisitiveness may be fatal in the event of a strange accident.

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After swallowing a needle that pierces her skull, a kitten is on the…
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