A newborn kitten was discovered squirming in a rain puddle and was almost mistaken for a rat…

On a wet day in Kingsland, Auckland, Kathryn Van Beek was heading home when she saw something crawling close. She first mistook it for a rat, but it turned out to be something much more dangerous. Kathryn had just found a brand-new cat.

Kathryn realized she needed to act quickly. A kitten this young had a little chance of surviving on its own, and the stakes were high. Kathryn sensed something peculiar as soon as she took up the kitten. The kitten’s umbilical cord was still connected since it was so young!

Kathryn rushed home with the kitten, providing him with much-needed warmth, food, and medical care. Bruce, the little cat, was named after Bruce Wayne (Batman), another orphan.

“When I spotted him, he wasn’t meowing, but he was crawling slowly along on his stomach as if looking for his mother.” “Poor little mite,” Kathryn lamented.

Kathryn and her family were entirely devoted to providing the finest possible care for Bruce. He was purring by day three in his new home! It was a full-time job taking care of Bruce. Kathryn looked after him around the clock and supplied all of his requirements.

Bruce had no issue letting her know when he was hungry, so she didn’t bother setting an alarm clock. On day 12, Bruce weighed a whopping 100 grams!

His gorgeous eyes soon opened, allowing him to see his rescuers for the first time. It was love at first sight for both of them. Bruce was there to stay, Kathryn and her family knew. After all Bruce had gone through, he had to remain with the people who had saved his life.

Nobody will ever know what happened to Bruce’s mother or how he ended there in the rain by himself. On that day, though, Kathryn and her husband became the family that Bruce lacked. This was his opportunity to begin a clean page of his life with a new family that would never fail him.

Anyone’s heart will melt when they see his gorgeous glance! He’d stare gratefully into the eyes of those who had saved him, as if to say, “Thank you!”

Bruce didn’t merely come into contact with a human family. With his elder sister, Jager, he also gained a fur family. Bruce was quickly taken under Jager’s wing. They’re now best buds!

All grown up! Bruce morphed into a lovely feline. The majority of the white spots on his kitten hair were gradually replaced by a sleek black coat.

He’s come a long way since he was a little kitten writhing in the rain, nearly mistook for a rodent. He now resembles a little panther!

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A newborn kitten was discovered squirming in a rain puddle and was almost mistaken for a rat…
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