A kitten with the cutest grandpa face expression… Read the full story to find out why he suffers…

A small cat with the prettiest grandfather face has a strong desire to live and is determined to capture the hearts of everyone around him.

Stephanie Medrano, a fosterer with the Stray Cat Alliance (in Los Angeles), received a desperate request for help from a few small new child Himalayan kittens in need of rescue from a shelter. The small boy was born with bent hind legs and a cleft palate, among other physical deformities. However, despite all of this, the kitten had a strong appetite for food and seemed to be in high spirits, demonstrating a strong will to survive.

The veterinarian gave the kitten’s owners a gloomy prognosis, which they accepted. They didn’t know how to properly care for his legs, but they wanted to provide him some help regardless of the situation. After learning of his current situation, Stephanie jumped to her feet and walked up to the plate.

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It was the same day that I agreed to take the kitten in. “I was able to obtain him a lot of hours after the beginning,” Stephanie said. The fact that he was wearing a ‘Grandpa’ face grin was the first thing that sprang to mind when Stephanie saw him.

Candy Grandpa has the most endearing old guy visage, which just adds to the appeal of his personality. The kitten must be tube-fed all of the time as a result of his cleft palate. Tube feeding is a skillful feeding procedure that helps to prevent the kitten from aspirating.

When Grandpa was satisfied with his meal, he rested comfortably in an incubator and went to sleep for the first time in many days.

It was decided to place a cuddly toy with a heartbeat (fake mom) into the incubator to keep him steady and ensure that Grandpa would never actually feel alone.

Stephanie has been massaging his twisted legs every couple of hours at supper time in order to aid in their recovery. Little Grandpa is a warrior, and despite his little stature, he has a great deal of strength and potential.

The pint-sized surprise enjoys some palm hugging with his human after each meal before rejoining his false mom for some lovely snuggles. Because of the proper care, nutritious food, and attention shown by his foster family, the little guy is starting to flourish.

Grandpa’s weight has almost quadrupled in only ten days, and his fur is becoming fluffier as a result.  “As he gets older, we’ll see whether the stretching has benefited his legs and can take a closer look at his cleft palate,” Stephanie said.

If he lives to be an adult, he will very certainly need braces on his legs to help them control their movements more effectively, as well as medical intervention to close the cleft.  This miraculous feline has the support of the whole Stray Cat Alliance team, who are committed to providing him with the best possible quality of life. Grandpa the kitty, on the other hand, continues to win hearts with his sweet disposition and allure.

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A kitten with the cutest grandpa face expression… Read the full story to find out why he suffers…
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