After being trapped in a wall for two days, a kitten… Watch the video…

After spending two days locked in a wall, a kitty resolves she will never be alone again.

tuxedo kitten

Erin, a Wrenn Rescues (in Los Angeles) foster volunteer, took in a little cat two months ago who had been through a lot. Erin told in an interview, “She was discovered within a wall, imprisoned there for two days.”

After being rescued from the difficult scenario, the tuxedo was fatigued, dehydrated, and coated in mud. CAAT Friends volunteers took the kitten safely to Erin, where it was hand-reared around the clock.

“She didn’t seem to have much of an appetite and wasn’t suckling much. For the first day, we could only tube-feed her, but after a few full tummies, she warmed up to us.”

Jojo, the tuxedo, was a strong-willed lady kitten.   She continued to make excellent advances as soon as she perked up.

“She began to gain weight quickly and eat like a champ. After a brief period of tube feedings, she was eating all of her meals on her own “Erin was kind enough to share her story with us.

tuxedo kitten jojo

After those two days in the wall, Jojo was resolved to never be alone again, and he yearned for a steady companion. Erin provided her with a cuddle toy (as a faux mama) with a heat source and a pulse before she was medically cleared to mix with other kittens, so she could find comfort snuggling with her and feel less lonely.

kitten cuddling

“Even though she was (three weeks) younger, we felt she would be the ideal addition to our small gang of black and white fosters we already had.” Erin and her family took turns cuddling Jojo while counting down the days before she met the other foster kiտտենս. “Jojo yearned to be a member of the huge cat team!”

weighing kitten

Erin told in an interview, “She fit right in, roamed around with the older foster cats, and was starting to learn how to behave from them. She was spending more time with the large cats and had developed a reputation as a (toy) huntress.”

Jojo enjoyed other kittens, yet she never missed out on her people’s attention. In between play sessions, she’d jump into a warm lap for cuddling.

sleepy tuxedo kittens

“She’s goofy, quirky, and adorably sweet. She just loves sitting on your lap and grooming you. She has the sweetest tiny meow and purrs and wants to cuddle as soon as you enter the room. She is a strong warrior who hugs and plays hard.”

Jojo tuxedo kitten

“Until they were all adopted, she shared three elder (foster) sisters. After that, she had two younger brothers. She’s outgoing, sociable, and loves to cuddle.”

Watch Jojo and her journey in this cute video:

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After being trapped in a wall for two days, a kitten… Watch the video…
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