A cat hit by a car loses a leg, and the vet wants to put him down…

During the heat of the summer in Arkansas, a stray orange tabby cat, who would eventually be called Tommy, was involved in a tragic accident that would alter his life forever. Unfortunately, he was struck by a car, resulting in several critical injuries.

Bystanders were concerned that the one-year-old cat might not survive the tragedy at all, based on his appearance. Fortunately, a kind stranger was able to transport him to an emergency veterinarian.

When Tommy arrived at the hospital, the physicians quickly went to work on treating the tabby who had been hurt. They found that the cat had a dislocated hip, a broken femur, and another sort of problem on the opposite side of his hips when they examined him at that point.

One of his front legs was injured, as were both of his rear legs, as a result of these injuries. On the other hand, someone should have to pay thousands of dollars for the operation he required.

His rescuer was taken aback by how expensive the therapy would be, but the veterinarian told her she had no choice but to accept the bill. Tommy would either need surgery or would be put down.

The woman, determined not to give up, decided to take him to another veterinarian for a second opinion.

The new veterinarian advised her that one of her dog’s rear legs would not be able to be preserved. It would be necessary to amputate it. Fortunately, the veterinarian reached out to Sarah Richardson of Community Cats of Central Arkansas to see if she could assist with the situation.

Upon receiving the news, Sarah Richardson quickly sprang into action to assist the woman. In the end, though, things did not go quite as neatly as they had intended. Tommy’s condition had deteriorated significantly by the time Sarah arrived to take him up the next day.

“He was in terrible shape,” Sarah said.

Sarah, on the other hand, was eager to see Tommy back on his feet. She was prepared to do all in her ability to assist him in overcoming his difficulties. Tommy was carried home by Sarah to relax and recuperate. She took care of all of his requirements, ensuring that he did not have to raise a paw!

“He arrived at my place as the most well-rested crate case I’d ever seen in my life. I mean, he didn’t even have to move,” she said.”So we bought him an ergonomic bed and orthopedic bowls, so he could simply bend over and eat and drink from his bed,” she added.

Sarah would also replace his pee pads many times during the day and provide him medicines and pain relievers as needed. She also put some toys in his box so that he could play freely without having to get out of bed at all.

Tommy began to perk up after a little while. Now that he was healthy and stronger, his actual nature began to peek through more and more.

Tommy was now able to rise to his feet and utilize the litter box on his own! This was a major accomplishment, despite the fact that there were some interruptions in between. It wasn’t until Tommy began using his litter box on his own that we realized he had made significant progress.  Sarah was overjoyed to see how far he had come!

Also, Tommy was successful in making a new foster companion in the form of a cat called Mary!  This was particularly noteworthy since Tommy wasn’t initially a big lover of other cats. The relationship between Mary and Tommy is unbreakable. Tom and Mary are great friends, and Mary assisted Tommy with everything,” she said. With Mary’s assistance, the three-legged tabby was able to totally emerge from his shell and change into a lively and vibrant feline.

The reply from Sarah was, “He is the most vibrant, vivacious, active cat.” Tommy and Mary are now available for adoption as a bonded pair, and they are hopeful that they will be reunited with their forever family in the nearish future. Tommy has lost one of his legs, but he has acquired confidence, strength, and a fantastic new life as a result of his struggle.

We are very grateful to Sarah for providing this precious cat with the opportunity to thrive! Sarah is completely self-sufficient and often takes in adult and elderly animals in serious health who would otherwise be turned away or euthanized.

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A cat hit by a car loses a leg, and the vet wants to put him down…
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