Gringo the cat, with his impressive mustache, is becoming increasingly…

Gringo, that lives in France with his parents Sabrine and Romain and his sibling Milko, is a one-year-old British Shorthair with a fancy mustache. Gringo had around 60,000 Instagram followers until his account was hacked earlier this year, and he is now seeking to rebuild his following with his new account, which has over 12,000 followers…


“Gringo is a cheerful cat that is full of life and has a wonderful attitude. He likes to play all day and all night, causing mischief such as climbing on curtains, clawing the sofa, and jumping in the plants,” Sabrine told in an interview.

“Like a meerkat, he loves to stand on his back paw. He can remain in that posture for a few minutes and it’s funny.” Gringo’s appearance is distinct, as is his personality. “Gringo constantly sniffs our plates to see if there’s anything tasty for him to eat, and he loves to take our sponge from the kitchen just to chew it, so we have to conceal it every time,” says the family.

Despite the fact that Sabrine and Romain already had a cat called Milko, they constantly considered obtaining another. They came across a photo of Gringo on a prominent French cattery website one day and fell in love with him right away.

Gringo was adopted by his parents when he was just three months old. It was natural for him to become friends with Milko since he is such a nice and sociable cat. And now the two kittens are entirely entwined in one other’s company.

Gringo’s  some other photos may be seen below:











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Gringo the cat, with his impressive mustache, is becoming increasingly…
Did you know? A major flashback to Antonio Banderas performing an opera with Sarah Brightman…