In the midst of Venezuela’s crisis, a family sanctuary is providing a home for an abandoned cats…

Venezuela is now living in a post-apocalyptic environment, mainly conceivable, similar to what we see on television shows like The Walking Dead. Because to Hugo Chavez’s dictatorship, which began in 1994, the economy has been in a state of war and has descended into chaos.

We should ignore the inflation and instability that have resulted from the government’s policies. Even in this difficult situation, there are good-hearted people everywhere.

With his family, Juan and Ellia Reinoso, Javier Reinoso lives with a mission in the little village of El Tocuyo in west-central Venezuela. Others, on the other hand, are fleeing from horrible circumstances. A total of more than 50 homeless animals are housed at their facility.

The location is little more than an ancient structure with a variety of flaws. Water, food, electricity, and medical treatment are all considered luxuries in this country. Providing for people, much alone for animals, is difficult in the absence of essential necessities.

No one would want to dwell in despair like this. The Reinoso family, on the other hand, does not want to abandon the cats. In that ancient house, they share their meager food and living quarters, but there is no shortage of affection.

Even though it’s foldable, the cats know that this spot is safer than most. Javier gave each kitten a name and treated them as members of his family. Each of the cats has its unique story, yet they all adore and remain loyal to Javier.

Consider the situation: who would have such a heart for a living creature? And who knows what’s in store for tomorrow.

Let’s hope Javier, his children, animals, and Venezuelans have a better future.

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In the midst of Venezuela’s crisis, a family sanctuary is providing a home for an abandoned cats…
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