This cat is so good at stealing his neighbors’ shoes that his owner started a Facebook group in order to…

Meet Jordan, a Pennsylvania cat who enjoys stealing shoes from the doorsteps of his neighbors. He is so fond of shoes that he pulls them off every night and gives them to his owner, BJ Ross, to wear.

After finding a pair of shoes on Jordan’s back every morning, the cat’s owner, Ross, decided to put a GPS tracker on the cat’s back to learn more about the cat’s secret life. Jordan’s GPS tracker shows that he routinely visits local residents, takes shoes, and then returns them to his home. In a single night’s walking, he can travel up to 7-8 miles.

The six-pound black and white feline, according to WTAJ, has a tendency of sneaking out of the house late at night and returning with the stolen items in his teeth. As a result, he has amassed a sizable collection of footwear in his home.

Ross started a Facebook group to talk about Jordan and his offenses because of the troubles he was causing in the area. She hopes that social media will aid in the recovery of the shoes to their rightful owners.

If any of you are familiar with Jordan, my cat, then you know what I’m talking about. You know how much he enjoys bringing me shoes!!!” The group’s description is simple, just “Jordan”. You did read it right. One, two, and even three shoes, this small little kitten dragged me home every single evening!”

“He gave me dead mice, alive snakes, dead and live birds, trash, including an empty chip bag and rubber gloves last year,” Ross added. I began spotting shoes in my yard in January of this year. I didn’t think much of it and threw them away. As the months passed, my mother advised that I retain the shoes in order to track out the owners.”

This group has not only helped neighbors retrieve their shoes, but it has also made Jordan famous, and now the whole globe is aware of his antics.

Watch the video about this cute burglar here:

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This cat is so good at stealing his neighbors’ shoes that his owner started a Facebook group in order to…
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