A duo of kittens was discovered crying for help in a mobile home park (photos and video)…

Two kittens that were discovered crying for rescue in a mobile home park have been smitten with one other and can’t get enough of each other.

When a Good Samaritan heard the screams of two kittens in a mobile home park in Florida in early October, he went out to find them. As Allison Ilcken, a foster volunteer with Animal Luvrs Dream Rescue, said in an interview, “They contacted out for assistance after attentively watching the situation and seeing no indication of the mother cat returning.”

Nadija of Tiny Paws Fosters, a fellow volunteer, came forward to provide help since the kittens need regular bottle feedings as well as plenty of love and attention.

She was able to get them all cleaned up and their stomachs full with delicious meals. Eventually, the feline sisters were able to nestle into their comfy, warm nest and fall asleep cuddling up to each other at night. They had nubby tails when they were born, and Lexi and Amelia were no exception.

When they had adjusted to being hand-reared by a human for 48 hours, they transformed into adorable bottle kittens, and their personalities began to emerge. They were overjoyed at the prospect of having a caregiver to look after them that they began to put on weight.

From the beginning, Lexi and Amelia were like two peas in a pod, working together on whatever adventure they took on. If one of them were to go off, the other would go out of his way to find her. After two weeks of indoor living, the kittens had progressed by leaps and bounds in size and strength. They couldn’t wait to go out and explore their surroundings with each other, and to put their legs to good use. Allison took up the foster care responsibilities and was delighted to have the pair in her care.

“They have gained over a pound each, are eating gruel, and are doing well,” Allison added about her cats. “They are insanely sociable and cute (almost like teddy bear hamsters with their nubs for tails), and they are jam-packed with personality that make you want to take them up and kiss them for the rest of your life.”

Despite the fact that they are still very young, the kittens are getting up to all sorts of mischief with their unfettered energy, and they are racing about the home like they own it.

In this adorable video, you can see Lexi and Amelia enjoying their lives together. If you like it, please share the post with your people on social media.

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A duo of kittens was discovered crying for help in a mobile home park (photos and video)…
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