Let me introduce you to Clochette, a  mysterious cat who was discovered in the woods…

There are no sharp narrative twists or intriguing details in this basic and compassionate narrative of a miracle rescue. People were kind enough to pick up the kitten and bring it to their house so it may have a happy life.

Clochette is a lovely cat lady. It’s been about a month and a half since I got it.

Arianna, a Montrealer, chose to spend the weekend camping with a friend. They encountered an old guy on one of the mountain routes, in a distant woodland, who was looking for an animal making pathetic noises. Young people were involved in the hunt, and after some time, they discovered a kitten.

It was terrifying, yet it seemed to be pretty adorable.

Arianna couldn’t figure out how a pet cub was found there in the middle of nowhere. She looked around the area for Mom or other kittens but couldn’t locate them. Only a collar with information about the owners was missing from the kitten, which was clean and had nice hair.

Clochette was the name given to the little kitten right away.

The riddle of the woodland foundling’s origin has yet to be addressed by the new owner. The kitten’s estimated age was determined at the veterinary clinic’s registration desk – no more than 4 weeks. Clochette weighed 400 grams and seemed to be in good condition, despite symptoms of weariness.

The kitten appeared indifferent to eating and was sleepy. Arianna was on the point of giving up when the situation was unexpectedly fixed. Clochette nibbled a tiny bit at first, then attacked and devoured the whole chunk. She soon got up on her paws and went out of her warm litter after a few days.

Clochette recently surprised her owner with a lovely purr. The girl is now certain that things will work out.

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Let me introduce you to Clochette, a  mysterious cat who was discovered in the woods…
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