The little house cat takes on the big lion, proving that size doesn’t matter…

In a recent incident, Derek Krahn, a director for a non-profit big cat sanctuary that he owns and operates in Texas, had an absolutely hilarious reaction when his domestic cat, Baggy, confronted a lion named Noey.

Of course, the two cats, one big and one small were separated by a sturdy wire fence, but the tiny feline proved once again that size does not matter when it comes to bravery and determination.

Krahn’s reaction to the video was one of the main reasons why the video went viral. “Baggy,” her owner yelled, pointing to his small cat. “You’re going to lose!”

Baggy, on the other hand, wasn’t paying attention and just went for it. So, whenever you feel the need to summon some courage in your life, simply return to this video for inspiration. Why can’t a domesticated cat have the actual heart of a lion, given that both kitties are descended from big cats? After all, both cats have the DNA of big cats.

Don’t be concerned, all, because the conflict between the two cats has come to an end.

“Baggy the cat has always been a tough little cookie, but I never imagined her to be this insane,” the kitty’s owner wrote in response to the incident.

“Everything is fine, everything has been resolved, and she and Noey are once again on speaking terms.”

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The little house cat takes on the big lion, proving that size doesn’t matter…
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