Meet Megan, 14-year-old cat who…

Get to know Megan! She’s a lively 14-year-old from the state of Illinois.  In the course of one fateful day, Megan appeared in her human’s life at the exact moment she needed her the most. In the story below, Kitty’s mother, Cindy, tells us everything about her cat’s poor origins.

“As a result of renal disease, I was forced to put my 20-year-old senior cat to sleep, which left me distraught. Around that time, I went to a pet store in search of fish for my tank, but I was startled when kittens began to meow.

I couldn’t help but take a quick look around…  Much as I was getting close to the babies, there she was–a lovely little tuxedo kitten, just like the cat I’d just lost!
It was on the spot that I decided to adopt her and take her into my house. I healed my heart with her help. Like fate had knocked on the door, and my lovely Megan answered with a smile on her face.

She is the most loving, amusing, and loud little kitty I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning and raising!”

Megabyte, my senior cat who died of renal disease, was a handsome young cat.
Because I wanted to name my new tuxedo baby something similar to him, I put a “n” to the end of the word “mega” and gave her the name Megan. Megan Kiana is her entire given name. Kiana was a good Native American friend of mine who died in the 80s.

Megan is mainly an indoor cat, but she enjoys chirping at the birds outside through the window when she is allowed to. She enjoys playing fetch and “hunt”  her toy mice and interactive gadgets.  Megan is a sweetheart who loves to be with others. She absolutely adores cuddling!

She’ll softly brush my face with her head and knock her head on mine when she’s angry. When I get home in the evening, she is at my side. Every night, she comes to my bed with me.

Megan is a BOSSY GIRL! She is intelligent…perhaps a touch too intelligent at times. When she was four months old, I began teaching her tricks to keep her entertained. She is now fourteen years old!

When Megan wants something, she doesn’t hold back. She simply inquires.

She’ll come into the kitchen, where I store the treats and stand there chirping until I give in to her demands. As soon as I say goodbye, she responds with a meow and a purr. She is always aware of when it is time to retire to bed. If I say “night night,” she will immediately hurry to her room and climb into bed.
If it’s past 11:30 p.m. and I haven’t gone to bed yet, Megan will jump on my lap and softly tap on my arm, shoulder, and face before sprinting back to the bedroom to finish the task. That’s her way of informing you that it’s time to sleep and cuddle up. A charmer with a large personality, she is devoted to her mother and enjoys her company.

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