A little girl sings “You are my sunshine” to her dying cat (video)…

We believe that you should have an extra-large box of tissues on standby since this video will make you weep a little bit too much. A heartwarming moment is captured in the video as a young girl performs the song “You Are My Sunshine” to her dying cat.

She and her cat Bailey had been together since Abby was a newborn infant. The family had known Bailey for 14 years and considered him a treasured part of the family. A particular link was formed between the cat and little Abby, and the two became fast friends. Abby even enjoys singing and reading to her tabby cat, who is her best friend. Bailey appears to comprehend every phrase perfectly, which is rather remarkable.

Unfortunately, this would be Abby’s final song to Bailey before her furry buddy passed across the rainbow bridge to the other side. Bailey went suddenly from renal failure only a few hours after this event was captured on tape.

The loss of Bailey, their favorite cat, and closest friend, came just before Christmas, and these two adorable little girls-the 4-year-old Abby and her younger sister Hannah-received an outpouring of sympathy in the shape of cards and presents from people all over the world.

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