In an abandoned boat, an officer discovers four helpless newborn kittens that are in desperate need of help…

State troopers in Washington State are no strangers to the problem of illegal boat dumping in the state’s waters.  They react to reports concerning abandoned boats on a regular basis, but they’d never come across anything quite like this before.

On that particular day, Trooper Sage Schafer went out with his supervisor on what seemed to be a regular finding of an abandoned boat but turned out to be anything other than that.

The boat had been by the side of the highway for almost 24 hours and was now laying on its side after tumbling off the blocks it had been resting on before being abandoned. When the troopers arrived on the scene, they saw the contents of the boat strewn over the road.

However, it wasn’t the mound of rubbish or the strewn about a piece of equipment that drew their attention. The sound of weak wailing could be heard coming from the boat…

It was unknown if they had been abandoned on the boat, had been born on it, or had been put on it after their mother had died.
Despite the fact that the riddle of how they had arrived will never be explained, one thing was certain: these kittens were in critical need of assistance.

When the authorities arrived, they immediately started searching for any signs of the mother cat in the neighborhood, but they came up empty-handed.
In the first place, it was hard to tell whether the kittens had been abandoned by their mother in the first place.

Leave them in the boat was a gamble that the officers were not willing to undertake. They were well aware that the tiny kittens would not be able to live for long without their mother. It was past time to do something.

After that, the cops sought assistance from an experienced local animal rescuer. Fortunately, the rescuer was quick to react and welcomed the kittens into her home with open arms. Authorities reported that the rescuer requested anonymity, but that he was always prepared to assist animals in need. A short time later, the kittens were brought to the veterinarian, who gave them a clean bill of health.

It was now time for them to grow large and strong as a result of their constant bottle feedings and enough rest. These kittens have a promising future ahead of them, thanks to their full tummies of formula milk and a warm, secure place to sleep. Once they’ve reached an appropriate age and health, they’ll be spayed or neutered and ready to meet their new family.

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In an abandoned boat, an officer discovers four helpless newborn kittens that are in desperate need of help…
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