A wild black panther has been seen prowling on rooftops of a French town…

Finding a black wild panther stalking the roofs is a thrilling experience. The majority of us believe that it’s a particular moment that can only be seen in Hollywood films. However, this is something that truly happens in real life. One of France’s most magnificent wild cats was recently discovered prowling the roofs of a residential building near the city of Lille.

The black panther is estimated to be 6 months old and weighs around 45lb at the time of the capture. According to French media, the animal had been kept as a pet and had gotten out of its owner’s house.

Fortunately, local officials were able to discover and capture the beautiful cat after just 2 hours. When the animal attempted to climb inside a window, a local veterinarian used a pistol to discharge a hypodermic tranquilizer at it.

The black panther was subsequently transported to the town of Maubeuge, where it was housed in a zoo. It would only remain there for one or two days before being sent to an animal sanctuary for further care.

An eyewitness to the incident, Victor Lefranc, said on Twitter: “Imagine sitting at home in Armentieres when a black panther passes in front of your bedroom window.”

An anonymous security source who was engaged in the recapture operation remarked, “The Panther was calm and evidently well domesticated, but he has still deemed a risk.”

Regarding the panther’s owner, he had fled the country and was being pursued by authorities.

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A wild black panther has been seen prowling on rooftops of a French town…
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