A man rescues a runt kitten that has been rejected by her mother and…

A tragic day for this young cat occurred when she was rejected by her own mother. Her despair, on the other hand, would not endure long. Alan, a complete stranger, intervened and made the decision to adopt her as his own.

This man would provide this small angel with the love and care she needed in order to develop into a beautiful cat in the following months!

When Alan first spotted the cat, she was badly hungry and underweight, and he knew something had to be done. Because she was the size of his foot, she was unable to eat. Alan named her Sansa after the character Sansa Stark from the HBO series Game of Thrones.

Their adventure together began that day, and it has been a lovely one ever since.

Sansa had faith in Alan. She felt protected and loved for the first time since she’d been abandoned, and it was a wonderful feeling.
She would cling to him with her small claws and look into his eyes with devotion while she was being rescued.

Then she would fall asleep on him, her purrs of gratitude filling the room. Sansa accompanied him everywhere he went!

Getting bigger and stronger with each passing day, Sansa was becoming a formidable opponent. She had a strong desire to live as well as a good appetite!  Since Sansa had been abandoned by her mother, Alan had made it his mission to make his one and only “kid” feel appreciated. He provided her with a variety of toys and comfortable beds to help her feel at ease.

Now that Sansa’s medical needs had been satisfied, she had transformed into a pint-sized ball of energy. She wished to run, play, and explore like the curious cat that she was at the time of her birth. You can see her here, holding her cute little yellow mouse!

Just a couple of weeks of tender loving care and attention made such a significant change. Sansa no longer wobbled or seemed to lose her balance. She was now able to eat normal food and use a litter box on her own. Alan’s dedication had finally paid off. Sansa couldn’t have asked for a better parent than he had been.

He stood there and watched as his tiny bottle baby grew into a lovely kitten!

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