A stray kitten begs to be adopted by a stranger in a parking lot, and what happened after that will surprise you…

It was in a parking lot that an unassuming man named Jason Belisha from Georgia had the good fortune to meet the kitten who would go on to become his lifelong companion. Because he had fallen in love with the sweet cat, he decided to bring him along with him and assist him in finding a new home with his family.

While returning a rental car, Belisha claims that an adorable gray-colored kitten emerged out of nowhere and begged for rescue, prompting him to call for assistance. When the cat saw him, he came into his arms, licked his hand, and began to rub his face all over him, which was hilarious. A evident request for affection and care from him could be seen in the kitten’s face.

As Jason explained, “I was returning a rental car when I heard this little cat meowing under the car just beside me, so I knelt down and he came right up to me.”

The kitten was given several cuddling and pets before Belisha decided to put him down. The kitten, on the other hand, continued to meow and follow him about. He was determined to track down the man and track him down to home. In order to avoid this, Belisha snatched him up and threw him in the car with him immediately away.

When Jason was driving back to his house, the kitten cuddled up in his arms and fell asleep in his lap, which caused Jason to giggle. “He was just naturally really kind and sweet,” Jason recalls of his encounter with him.

Jason brought the kitty into his home, named him Popeye, fed him, and even introduced him to his corgi dog, who became friends with him. It was amazing to see how quickly the two animals made friends and created an endearing bond with one another.

Fortunately, a friend of Popeye’s fell in love with him and offered him a permanent home a week after that. It was a bittersweet event, to say the least. Despite his fondness for Popeye, he chose to assign responsibility for the kitten to his friend, who accepted the burden. He is convinced that he will be appreciated and cared for in his new home, something he believes he has earned and which he truly deserves. He says, “He is a great cat, and I look forward to visiting him at my friend’s place on a consistent basis.”

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A stray kitten begs to be adopted by a stranger in a parking lot, and what happened after that will surprise you…
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