Rescuers discovered an abandoned dog with a kitten in a forest…

Animal Control Officer Michelle Smith was sent to a neighborhood near the Home Depot in Anderson, South Carolina, on a spring day in 2013 because a dog was barking. She arrived to find the dog had run away.

However, when she got on the site, she was taken aback by what she discovered. She came upon a little dog nursing an abandoned kitten by the side of a stream and decided to investigate.

Rescuers believe that the dog was out exploring when she came upon the kitten, who had no means to get out from the dangerous environment. As soon as aid came, the dog remained with the kitten, feeding her and barking until it was taken away. Because none of them had collars or tags, it was impossible to tell whether they belonged to anybody close.

They had both been abandoned, and the kitten had been taken in by the little dog, who had adopted her as her own.


In order to keep them safe, Michelle took them to the Anderson County Pet Adoption and Welfare Society (PAWS). The dog Goldie and the kitten Kate were given these names by the shelter in honor of the famed mother-daughter pair Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.

However, in the end, Goldie and Kate were adopted by Joe Harris, a local businessman, and his wife. They have finally found their permanent home, where they can spend their days playing and their nights snuggling. Despite the fact that Kate is an adult now, the two remain close friends. Moreover, they will never have to be concerned about being abandoned again.

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Rescuers discovered an abandoned dog with a kitten in a forest…
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