Just 2 months into adoption, and the stray cat transforms into a completely different cat…

Hearing stories of stray animals being thrown on the streets and forced to survive in appalling situations breaks your heart. But, fortunately, there are many caring and kind people out there who are eager to assist them and provide them with a home in which they can entirely get transformed and grow.

That is the story of a stray cat named Dinah, who was once abandoned on the streets but is now safe and happy in a caring environment.

In July of this year, a lovely young woman called Molly Sotak came upon Dinah, who was in poor health and attempting to survive on the streets of Los Angeles by herself. Dinah was in critical condition and required veterinary attention, so Molly contacted the Stray Cat Alliance, which agreed to provide care for the kitten.

“She was like skin and bones. I believe it took me four or five days to catch her, but I am not certain “Molly shared her thoughts in an interview.

“It turns out the black on her face is caused by fleas and flea filth! ” Fleas had invaded her whole body, including her face. Emaciated and dehydrated, she suffers from a severe upper respiratory infection as well as painful sores on her tongue that are consistent with calicivirus infection.

It’s no surprise that she is unable to eat due to the congestion and ulcers she has. The Stray Cat Alliance said on Instagram regarding Dinah’s medical condition: “She is presently receiving flea medication and antibiotics.”

Fortunately, the kitten recovered swiftly and was adopted by a kind family. Rebecca Schneider, her new owner, adopted her and gave her a fresh start in life. Dinah is now a happy and healthy cat who enjoys snuggling and playing with her humans. The fact that she is living the luxurious life that she deserves gives us great pleasure.

“She is a fluffy little clown, and she never fails to make us laugh. She enjoys playing with us and following us around the home.  She enjoys spending time with us as we watch television, and she generally just wants to be a part of whatever is going on.”

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Just 2 months into adoption, and the stray cat transforms into a completely different cat…
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