A man found and saved 12 kittens trapped in a cage during a snow storm…

A cage containing a number of cats was thrown in the snow in Campbell County, Virginia, a few days ago. Someone had abandoned 12 kittens and allowed them to perish in the freezing weather…

Winter’s harsh weather in Campbell County has the potential to kill these unfortunate kittens, according to forecasters. Fortunately, a passing motorist saw a cage emerging from a snow pile and pulled over to investigate. Six cats shivered inside the crate, and six small kittens were outside the cage, which she had discovered.

Immediately, she contacted for assistance from the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control (FOCCAC).

It was a devastating sight when rescuers arrived at Campbell County, according to the report. A group of kittens were lying in the snow and not moving, and three of the kittens were clearly in pain. In the cage, there were four adults and two kittens that were very wet and shivering.

All of the cats were taken to the local animal shelter by volunteers in a short period of time. On the drive to the shelter, they kept the kittens’ temperatures under control using towels, hot water bottles, and even clothes worn over their shoulders.

Thanks to the efforts of the animal control officer and the volunteers, the unfortunate kittens were quickly dried and grooming themselves as if nothing had occurred. Once all of the kittens are well enough to be adopted, they are ready to be placed with a loving family who will provide them with a secure and warm environment.

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A man found and saved 12 kittens trapped in a cage during a snow storm…
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