Until this cat met the new baby, she had never been a big cuddler, but just watch her now…

Grace is a lovely kitty that was rescued from a shelter five years ago and has since become a family member. Despite the fact that she loves her family, she can also be extremely independent and distant at times as well.

Grace’s mother, Jeannie Seiler-Laderer, describes her as pleasant, but not a great snuggler, as a result of her background. Despite the fact that Grace is a sociable cat, Jeannie told in an interview that she prefers to maintain her distance from people. He explains that she wants to cuddle on her terms, and only on her terms.

Everything changed, however, when the family welcomed their new baby son, Jensen, into the world. Grace seemed to be attracted to Jensen and began following him around everywhere he went in order to be near him. Whenever the infant is sleeping, she cuddles up next to him or on top of him to keep him company.

Seiler-Laderer said that it took Grace six weeks to comprehend that the baby was a new person and that she had developed feelings for him. “She now follows him wherever she goes, and we were really taken aback by how much she adored him.”

When Seiler-Laderer learned she was expecting a child, the family was concerned about how their cats, particularly Grace, would respond to the new arrival. In fact, Seiler-Laderer and her husband often joked that when Jensen was born, Grace was going to be the one cat out of the three who would be the least interested.

Grace was never much of a cuddler until she met her younger brother Jensen, who changed everything. Grace’s family is overjoyed to learn that she has finally discovered her favorite activity as well as her particular person with whom to cuddle. Grace now follows Jensen wherever he goes, ensuring that her new baby brother is well protected and cared for.

Seiler-Laderer said that the couple cuddles together throughout almost all of the baby’s naps. “She’s also been attempting to sneak into his bassinet in the morning to snuggle with him, but we have to keep her out for his safety,” she added.

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Until this cat met the new baby, she had never been a big cuddler, but just watch her now…
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