A man uses his hot coffee to save three kittens that were frozen to death, and you won’t believe how…

Do you feel that coffee can be applied to save lives? Do you have such examples? This story may seem unbelievable, but it is a genuine story from Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada.

Kendall Diwisch, a Canadian oil worker, was out doing his job when he came across three kittens on one of the rural roads he was driving on. When Diwisch went to check, he found that two of the three kittens’ tails were frozen into the snow. He decided to examine more.

When Kendall discovered the kittens, they were in horrible health and unable to walk. Kendall immediately took action. He had a sneaking suspicion that they had been abandoned by someone and that they had most certainly spent the whole night locked and frozen to the ground.

Without a second thought, he raced back to his vehicle, grabbed his travel cup, and used the hot coffee to rescue the unfortunate kittens from certain death. He attempted to melt the ice by pouring hot coffee on their frozen tails. And, fortunately, it was successful. Diwisch was so happy to see that no kittens had been scalded or wounded during the rescue.

Then  Diwisch returned to his vehicle and transported the three fuzzy felines back to his house, where they were warmed up and fed. Later, he proceeded to Facebook to tell others about his small adventure.  Of course, his story and video went viral on social media as a result of his actions. His actions were hailed as heroic by half of the internet, who applauded him for his unselfish deed.

The next day, Kendall updated his Facebook post to inform everyone that the three tiny furrballs had been adopted into a safe and loving family where they would be properly taken care of.

I’m curious what you think of this man’s unselfish deeds. Do you have any personal rescue experiences to share? Please share your opinions on this topic in the comments section.

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A man uses his hot coffee to save three kittens that were frozen to death, and you won’t believe how…
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