“Too ugly to be adopted” in the world where every animal deserves to be rescued and loved…

“Too ugly to be adopted” and yet life proved it wrong…

Say hello to Romeo! His life begins as a stray kitten with a great heart and a traumatic past. Romeo learned too early about life’s inequities.

Too “ugly”? We don’t think so! Little Romeo had a distinct appearance from the other kittens.

He has a facial defect that has caused him to be deemed too unattractive to be adopted by the community.

Romeo appeared destined for a life of solitude on the streets until one day, a generous stranger intervened and changed the course of Romeo’s destiny.

Seeing the kitten, Laura Llácer, director and co-founder of Santuario Compasión Animal, couldn’t help but stop and look at the kitten.

She couldn’t bear the thought of abandoning Romeo, so she snatched him up and transported him to his new home at the animal shelter.

But soon she discovered that all of Romeo’s siblings had been adopted, and she couldn’t imagine that anyone would turn down Romeo.
‘We were amazed that so many people did not recognize that this was an exceptional kitten,’ Llácer said.

Romeo will never be alone again, owing to the assistance of Llácer. With his rescuer and new “best buddy” by his side, Romeo is surrounded by a variety of different creatures at the sanctuary. He may be found among the cows, ducks, turkeys, and, of course, his favorite of all – a stuffed rabbit!

“Romeo is very, very affectionate and behaves in a unique way compared to other cats,” Llácer explains. “He’ll always be a cat, but there’s something endearing about his behavior that reflects that charming anomaly in his appearance,” she adds.

As a result of his deformity, he is distinct from the rest of the cats. That’s what distinguishes him from others.”

Romeo has not only found a new home in the years after his rescue, but he has also gained a new sense of self-assurance. He enjoys playing and attracting the attention of others.

A su-purr-visitor to all of the activities at the sanctuary, this magnificent, fluffy ginger cat is adored by all of his new friends and enjoys all of the activities at the sanctuary.

Every animal deserves to be saved!

Romeo’s personality shines through, and you rarely realize that he is physically different from other cats. He has matured into a majestic king with a heart to match his regal bearing.

Would you be able to resist this adorable little man? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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“Too ugly to be adopted” in the world where every animal deserves to be rescued and loved…
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