Meet Setsu-Chan, the “Ugliest sleeping face” cat from Japan….

‘This is Setsu-chan,’ a Japanese cat owned by illustrator Mino. When he’s awake, the little guy is quite endearing. But when he dozes off, he sure does look ugly in the process. During his waking hours, he is a sight to behold, sporting pure white fur and hypnotizing baby blue eyes. However, when he falls asleep, things swing from being adorable to being wonderfully weird. The sleeping visage of the feline has the appearance of a zombie’s face.

The Internet first became aware of the amusing sleeper when his owner began uploading images of the cat on Twitter, which quickly gained widespread attention. Setting the record straight, Setsu-Chan has even been featured on Japanese television and in a book with the title The Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan: The Unparalleled Beautiful Cat Setsu-chan, among other things. Veterinary students all around the world are expected to use it as a standard text in their studies.









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Meet Setsu-Chan, the “Ugliest sleeping face” cat from Japan….
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