A chonk cat, weighing 30 Lb, finds new owners who are willing to assist her in becoming healthy…

Meet Lasagna, a 5-year-old moggy cat that has recently gained popularity on the internet due to her adorableness and her large, chubby bulk.

Lasagna, a stray cat, was found abandoned in Hunting Park, near the ACCT Philly shelter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was taken in by an unknown person. The girl weighed 30lb (13.5kg) when she was rescued from the water. For comparison, a three-year-old toddler or a small pit bull dog weighs around the same as this.

Lasagna has grown to enormous proportions for reasons that remain a mystery, but the most typical reason is a combination of excessive food consumption and insufficient activity. The animal shelter decided to name her Lasagna, after Garfield, the famous orange tabby cat from Jim Davis’ comic strips, who enjoyed the meal as much as she did.

According to the shelter, Lasagna is a very lovely, affectionate, and confident cat that adores belly rubs.

Lasagna’s weight is about four times higher than what is deemed healthy. If left untreated, this could result in health complications such as heart disease and diabetes. As a result, as soon as the shelter took her in, they put her on a special diet that would help her lose weight and become more physically active.

Because of her size, she is unable to groom herself without assistance. As a result, if she were to be adopted, it would have to be by someone who would be willing to assist her in becoming healthy.

Lasagna’s photos and video were quickly released on ACCT Philly’s Twitter and Facebook accounts in the hopes that she would be adopted or fostered by a compassionate person. Following the publication of these posts, they became viral, receiving thousands of likes and views.

It didn’t take long for Lasagna to be adopted by a wonderful family as a result of this. It is the Hammer family from New Jersey who will look after her and help her shed the extra pounds she has gained.

It is wonderful that Lasagna has found a permanent home with compassionate people who will do all in their power to keep her happy and healthy. We are delighted to learn that she is attempting to live a healthy lifestyle by becoming physically active with the assistance of her new family.

“I hope the new owner will be able to assist this cat in losing weight.” It’s not good for any cat’s health. May God bless her heart.”

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A chonk cat, weighing 30 Lb, finds new owners who are willing to assist her in becoming healthy…
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