A near-death cat was given a second chance at life…

This adorable black and white kitty, Samuel, was rescued from a small carrier where he had spent the majority of his life; he was too underweight to survive. Samuel was brought to the BARC Animal Shelter in Houston, where he was found to be severely underweight. A long range of expensive medical concerns plagued him, including mange that had caused his eyelids to swell shut. His skin was flaking as well, and he had pressure wounds from being trapped.  A coworker who did not want Samuel’s life to be ended in this manner shared a photo of him on the internet.

Raines began looking for a new home for Samuel a few years after the rescue. Following a period of leisure, time is set aside for searching. Raines had a chance encounter with Bryan Smith. The fact that Bryan was able to calm Samuel impressed Leslie. However, she was still not sure that Bryan was Samuel’s rightful owner until the cat provided her with a sign. It was with a guy who had recently lost his 13-year-old cat to cancer that the small kitten found his everlasting home.

Samuel began to be friends with Bryan after a period of time. Since moving in with Bryan more than a year ago, everything has been going extremely well for him. He is delighted with his new life.

Samuel transitioned from death right into a veterinary clinic.

Samuel progressively gained weight and restored his vision thanks to their kind care. He still needed to learn how to be a cat, though.

Samuel’s thick black and white fur grew in months later, but he still had fears to face.

Samuel turned into the lovely, fluffy cat he was meant to be.

The cat was opposed to meeting potential adopters until he met Bryan.

The cat and his new dad are now recovering together and enjoying each other’s company.

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