Tiny disabled kitten captures hearts with his adorable smile and wink…

A rescuing couple in Philadelphia was relieved when a mama cat led them to her four kittens who had been hidden in a box by their mother.  They were completely unaware that they were going to get a really unique surprise.   When they got a good look inside the box, their hearts stopped beating.

One of these kittens, in particular, was unlike any other kitten they’d ever seen…
See how this teeny tiny pirate is stealing hearts and inspiring delight, one squeak at a time, by reading on!

It was a hot and cloudy summer day in Philadelphia when Kris and Kia Papiernik, the co-founders of Kolony Kats, discovered a shocking discovery that changed their lives.

In addition to caring for multiple colonies of cats that they have captured, neutered/spayed, and released, Kris and Kia are also involved in animal rescue (TNR for short).

This particular day, the Papierniks were on their way to provide food for one of their colonies when they happened upon something unexpected…

Kris and Kia were walking down the street when they noticed a lovely kitty they had never seen before.

“We always pull over, stop to feed them, and talk to our neighbors to find out whether the cat belongs to anyone, or if there are any caregivers or feeders so that we can offer assistance and provide them with TNR materials,” the Papierniks explained.

After getting out of their vehicle to approach the cat, Kris and Kia noticed it wasn’t just any cat — it was a nursing mama cat, and they were in for a treat!

The mama cat was nice, but she was also suspicious.

Kris and Kia were now faced with a new riddle to solve: where had her babies gone?

The Papierniks fed the maternal cat on the sidewalk and waited patiently from a safe distance to see if she would take them to her babies.

“When we come across a nursing mama cat, this is our standard procedure. As a result, we feed them and observe them from a distance because most mother cats will tend to feed their kittens after they eat,” the Papierniks explained.

And sure enough, the mama cat directed them directly to her kittens!

Her rescuers Kris and Kia stood there and watched as she walked up to someone’s front porch. As they reached the porch, they observed a number of boxes and a smattering of debris. It was only when they peered into one of the boxes that they discovered four fluffy little kittens!

According to the homeowner, “the mama cat was a stray from the neighborhood who had given birth to multiple litters over the course of several years.” The porch of their house had always been her preferred place to raise her litters.”

Kolony Kats, on the other hand, came to the rescue this time! It turned out to be a lucky day for this mama cat.

However, there was one kitten in particular that drew their attention…

Kris and Kia rescued the mother cat and her babies and made plans to have them taken to the veterinarian. Lucky for them, the mama cat and her kittens were in excellent health.

The tiniest kitten, whom they named Korduroy, was born without an eye and with a raised upper lip, which showed portions of his teeth and gums. After consulting with the veterinarian, they discovered that Korduroy has a cleft lip as well as anophthalmia (the absence of one eye).

The good news was that Korduroy appeared to be in good condition.

He did not require any medical treatment because his condition was simply cosmetic in nature!

Kris and Kia refer to him as a teeny tiny pirate, which they find amusing. His solitary eye and cleft lip give the impression that he’s a pirate exclaiming, “Argh!”

Korduroy and his brothers were estimated to be 3-4 weeks old at the time of their adoption. Their mother would be responsible for them until they were able to stand on their own two feet. The mama cat was a lot happier now that she was able to nurture her babies in a secure environment.

Korduroy had an impact on everyone he came into contact with. Thousands of Kolony Kats followers marveled over his adorable wink and gentle smile, which he shared with them. People couldn’t get enough of him, and he was in high demand.

“He’s a kitten, and his personality shouts kitten!”  “He enjoys eating, playing, and is really curious,” Kris and Kia explained.
Korduroy is well aware of his own attractiveness. He has a unique approach to getting what he desires!
“He has a wonderful personality and is very talkative. They warned, “If he doesn’t get his way, he’ll make sure you know about it!”

Korduroy’s mother and siblings have all been spayed/neutered and placed in loving forever homes with their new families.

The fact that Korduroy is the tiniest kitten in the litter means that he does not weigh enough to be sterilized.

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Tiny disabled kitten captures hearts with his adorable smile and wink…
A touching story of a broken kitten who is a living miracle now…