The cat is making friends with the mouse he was supposed to capture (video)…

Simon is a lovely cat who has discovered a unique method of cleansing his house of “pests,” as he calls them.

He transforms them into welcome visitors.

Benjamn Sagredo, Simon’s owner, started hearing unusual sounds emanating from his kitchen in Punta Arenas, Chile, a few weeks ago. Sagredo wasn’t worried since the noises were faint and only happened once in a while.

“We had no idea what it was,” Sagredo said in an interview. “We’d seen Simon tinkering with something beneath an armchair before, but we didn’t think much of it.”

Simon had become aware of an intruder who was producing these noises, and he determined to make him feel at ease.

Sagredo was preparing to go into the kitchen one morning when he came into a startling image. Simon was standing there, sipping from his water dish. And there was a mouse right next to him.

The bighearted cat seems to have formed a buddy with the animal he was probably meant to hunt.

“They seemed to be quite familiar with one other. “Simon was expressing love,” Sagredo said. “I made the decision to record it. “I was afraid that no one would believe me.”

Sagredo was taken aback. However, after seeing Simon’s pleasant demeanor toward the mouse, Sagredo couldn’t help but adopt the same point of view.

“I really felt sorry for the tiny mouse. “I couldn’t see ever harming him,” Sagredo said. “I gave him the moniker Chefcito.”

Simon’s kindness spread like wildfire.

In the beginning, Sagredo rounded up Chefcito and took him outdoors, just in case he had any plans to flee. Chefcito, on the other hand, seems to have been made to feel comfortable.

He has every right to be so.

According to Sagredo, “he’s gone back a few times.” It’s wonderful to see Simon accepting of him. ” Mr. Cat is a kind, friendly, and gregarious feline companion. In the event that Chefcito continues to visit, we will have to consider putting him up for adoption.”

Here’s a video of that  same moment:

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The cat is making friends with the mouse he was supposed to capture (video)…
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