A kitten with four ears but only one eye finds his forever home (photos)…

Take a look at Frankie, a nickname for the Frankenkittens. When Georgi and her family first discovered Frankie, he was only a kitten with no legs. Georgi looked after him for a brief period of time before transporting him to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) in Victoria, Australia, where Frankie was scheduled to have surgery.

Apart from having four ears and a severely infected eye, Frankie had a long list of other issues as well. It was after his operation that Georgi took the kitten home, and it was at that point that she realized Frankie has a particular quality, and she couldn’t stand the thought of letting him go.

Arthur, Georgi’s little son, has quickly established himself as Frankie’s closest buddy. The two are inseparable, and they both seem to be doing really well since they first met and were acquainted with one other.

1. Frankie and his owner Georgi

Frankie, pictured with his owner, Georgi

2. His extra ears are the result of a genetic abnormality.

3. Georgi worked for hours on creating finding an eyepatch that would remain on his face as he worked.

Georgi spent hours on an eyepatch that would stay on his head.

4. Frankie is an extremely loving cat that enjoys bringing joy to others’ lives.

GAWS is providing for all of Frankie's medical expenses.


Frankie is a very cuddly cat, and loves making people happy.


Frankie shows everybody love and affection all the while he continues his healing process.

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A kitten with four ears but only one eye finds his forever home (photos)…
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