An opossum steals this cat’s food, and its reaction is priceless (photos)…

Shared meals are a gesture of goodwill, but do we really have to share our food with others to be charitable? As for me, I hate the idea of sharing my food with anybody, and if someone even attempts to take it, let’s just say they will be really disappointed.

Most of us have experienced something similar, which is why we can empathize with this unfortunate kitten who went to her dish to have some wonderful meal, only to see some other hairy creature seducing over her bowl and devouring her food.

Instead of protecting her area, she began moaning to her owner about why he was allowing this to happen to her and how unfair it was. It’s almost as though the world is coming to an end. Take a look at the funny photos of the kitten that her owner has posted on social media to prove it.

1. Who are you?

2. Hey hooman, do you see what I see? Or is it just me?

3. He’s eating my meal!

4. Are you going to simply stand there and stare at him?

5. I’m sure we can share!

6. Or not? Okay, sorry weird thing.

7.  You are a disgrace hooman!  This is something I will never forget.

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An opossum steals this cat’s food, and its reaction is priceless (photos)…
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