After 15 months of searching, she finally finds her 16-year-old cat, and you won’t believe how…

We like cats not just because they are adorable, but also because they are independent little explorers that enjoy their own experiences. However, it might cause issues for their owners who are worried at home, not knowing when their pet will return.

Animal activists have long warned people to microchip their pets so that if they go missing, they can be reunited someday.

Cat, a lovely orange kitty who was lost for 15 months, just got viral. Cat returned in his owners’ life, purring and meowing for their attention…

The cat was adopted from the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Virginia, and he was initially quite cautious around people. He wasn’t interested in playing with other kittens, so his potential owners determined that he need a caring environment in order to develop his self-confidence…

When we rescued Cat in June of 2015, he would have been around 6 years old at the time of his adoption. Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter’s pet hotel was home to the shyest small cat in the whole facility.

Due to his moodiness, they needed to place him in their “horse shelter cat” program. However, while watching different cats play longingly, he had that look in his eyes that reminded me of the kitty from Shrek, and I knew at that point that he was meant for our family. You could see right away that he only needed love…

As it turned out, Cat was in desperate need of attention, and he quickly gained the confidence to go about his yard, exploring the unfamiliar territory. Cat did not return from one of his ventures, which was unfortunate for him.

“He disappeared around the beginning of May; he would leave the house for a little while during the day if the weather was nice, then come home when summoned for lunch or supper, a noisy whimper signaling that he was on his way.

We were playing in the front yard when he stopped and took a look at me.

I had this strange feeling I wouldn’t see him again.

Despite our expectations, we were not lucky enough to have a typical day. He didn’t come home for dinner, and he didn’t respond when he was called. “I was in full panic mode before the sun came up,” Mindy said to us…

The Criner family posted a message on the Lost & Found Pets Hampton Roads, VA, Facebook page as soon as they learned about the loss of their furry companion.

They then placed Cat’s litter box and food outdoors in the hopes that the fragrance would entice him to return, but this was unsuccessful. The Criners’ use of posters and small housing stations around the area, which they had their friends check on a regular basis, did nothing to improve the situation.

Mindy and Luke would travel around their neighborhood every night in the hopes of seeing Cat, but they were always unsuccessful.

Weeks stretched into months, then into a year, and then a bit more.

The family then received a message from Animal Control and an email from the microchip firm informing them that he had been located!”

When Mindy arrived at the man’s home where Cat was, she was greeted by him, who immediately began purring upon recognizing her.

“When we returned home, he immediately walked up to “his bathroom”, which is where we keep the plants throughout the winter so it’s like a tiny jungle, and plopped himself down in the exact location he had been sitting in. My heart was broken and melted all at the same time.”

“I hope that our story will provide hope to others who are missing their dogs, and that people who have unintentionally taken in someone else’s pet would check to see if they are scanned so the pet may have a joyous reunion with their family and someone else might experience the same tremendous delight that we are.”

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After 15 months of searching, she finally finds her 16-year-old cat, and you won’t believe how…
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