Everyone assumed this cat was just suffering from an eye infection, but he shocked his rescuers with the truth…

Missy Dubuisson, the director of Wild At Heart Rescue, received a call last year regarding a cat who had shown up on a neighbor’s doorstep and was suspected to have a dangerous eye infection. She immediately responded to the call.


Stephanie Roberts was promptly contacted by Dubuisson. Stephanie works at Wild At Heart as a wildlife rehabilitator. Dubuisson approached Roberts and asked if she wanted to take care of the three-month-old kitten.

“I answered, ‘Sure,'” said Roberts. “Then Missy added, ‘I can’t seem to find his eyes.’ All I want is that you just find his eyes.’


Stevie, according to Roberts, was in a very bad state when he initially arrived at her house. He was extremely fragile, and he had an eye infection that was so severe that it caused his eye sockets to bleed. However, without a veterinarian’s inspection, it was difficult to determine if Stevie was blind or not. He had no problems at all, especially when he wasn’t running into anything.


Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Stevie was in fact not only blind but that he was also without both of his eyeballs. It took all of them completely by surprise.


It appears that Stevie has a disease that causes him to be born without eyes, despite the fact that he has eye pockets.


“No one did anything to him,” Roberts stated emphatically. “He actually has a genetic problem,” says the doctor. His whereabouts are unknown; he may have walked off or been dumped… It appears that he is simply squinting at you all of the time. In fact, if you didn’t know him, you wouldn’t realize that he is completely blind.”


Stevie is now one year old, and Roberts claims that he is unquestionably the brightest of her four feline babies.


Stevie slept in Robert’s bed once, and he’s been a constant resident in her home ever since.


When he’s not out and about in his special stroller, Stevie plays fetch with Roberts’ daughter by listening for the ball.


But don’t be fooled by Stevie. He also has a mischievous side to him. He once broke into the cages of Roberts’ pet bird and hamsters, releasing the animals. So, don’t dismiss him solely because of his impairment.


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Everyone assumed this cat was just suffering from an eye infection, but he shocked his rescuers with the truth…
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