Kittens found in a trash pile are rescued and helped to find forever homes…

A caring neighbor heard meowing coming from a small area between two walls and discovered five kittens hiding in a pile of debris that had accumulated in the space. The resident instantly called Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization in California to save the unfortunate babies.

Hope For Paws is a 501c3 nonprofit that saves animals in the Los Angeles area and beyond in an effort to end animal neglect, homelessness, and cruelty. Not only do they rescue pets, but they also care for them, attend to all of their medical needs, and either return them to their original homes or assist them in finding new ones!

Rescuers came on the spot as soon as they received the call to save the kittens. Because the rescuers had to clamber over a barbed wire-topped wall and sift through a pile of rubbish in a tiny gap between two walls, it took some physical strength. They grabbed the kittens with a thick cargo blanket and gloves and carried them out. Thankfully, the kittens did not suffer any harm.

The kittens were saved and placed in new permanent homes as a result of this rescue. Instead of attempting to trespass, please notify your local rescue or authorities if you observe animals in need. This may cause harm to you or the animals.

Check out Hope for Paws on YouTube if you want to see more wonderful rescues. Their animal rescue videos seek to create public awareness and educate the public about the value of animals in our lives.

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Kittens found in a trash pile are rescued and helped to find forever homes…
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